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Battery Door - ApexPro FH/DT 4500
Patient Monitoring
GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Battery Door - ApexPro FH/DT 4500 is a component of the transceiver assembly, which transmits the physiologic data of patients to monitoring stations. The anesthesia delivery system provides a sophisticated FH/PatientNet transceiver, which includes a robust Battery Door that helps to provide a leak-proof data transfer. A variety of the patient monitoring systems exist, which allow the physiologic data of patients to be monitored remotely using wireless communications. They include transceivers which collect and transmit the physiologic data (example ECG) of patients to monitoring stations so clinicians can see the readings, the FH/PatientNet transceiver is one among them. The FH/PatientNet transceiver has a housing, membrane switch and battery door. The battery door effectively minimizes the likelihood of dust entering the electronic device, prevents leakage and reduces consumption of the power supply. It is used in the following products ARC Aisys, ApexPro FH Transceivers, HCS-IT AW Server, Telemetry ENG, PatientNet, MS PDM and MR Optima MR450W 1.5T.

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