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X-Ray Tube - Toshiba E7254X for Definium 5000
GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

This is a High speed rotating anode X-ray tube which can be used in high energy radiographic and cine-fluoroscopic operations. The anode of this tube is constructed with specially processed Rhenium-tungsten faced molybdenum target which have an improved coating to increase thermal emissivity. The X-Ray systems work on the principle where high velocity electrons, when interacted with a patient’s body, their kinetic energy is converted into electromagnetic radiation. An X-ray tube is the component that produces the X-rays. It contains an anode and a cathode and a stream of electrons is produced by this X-ray tube. They are accelerated to very high velocities by an external high voltage power supply and collide with the target anode in the tube. A beam is then formed and is focused on patient and X-rays emerging from the patient carry the image information which can then be stored on X-ray film. It offers a continuous stream of electrons, thus improving the quality of images formed. This tube can be used with Definium 5000 system.

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