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Cross Recessed Pan Head Machine Screw
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Cross Recessed Pan Head Machine Screw is a Phillips screw that is a type of machined screw. This screw has a flat head| rounded edges and a flat bearing surface. This specially designed screw has a cross-shape slot in their head and driven with the help of Philips drivers. Pan Head screws are generally used to affix varied parts or components of machines together. This screw is made up of stainless steel material that is an iron based alloy that has at least 10.5% chromium in its composition. The unique composition of the material provides excellent corrosion resistance| temperature resistance and chemical resistance. In additional to this unique material property the screw has passivate finish on its outer surface. The finish adds more corrosion resistance and additional strength to the surface. Stainless also has good toughness. These screws are available in different sizes and can be availed depending on the needs of the applications. This screw is being used in Signa Explorer D 1.5T| MR Optima MR450W 1.5T| CT Hi Speed Advantage 2.X 1-Slice and many other systems.

Compatible Products

Precision 500D

Precision 500D

Robust, digital performance at an efficient dose
It starts with the imaging chain, which features a 12-bit CCD-based camera.Then there’s AutoEx, which automatically adjusts key image-acquisition parameters in real time for optimum quality. Meanwhile, closed-loop Automatic Brightness Control and patented extended Dynamic Range circuitry maintain contrast and minimize blooming.

Voluson 730 Expert

Voluson 730 Expert

The Voluson® 730Expert is a professional Diagnostic Ultrasound System which transmits Ultrasound waves into the body tissues and forms images from the information contained within the received echoes. The Voluson® 730Expert is an Active Diagnostic Medical Product belonging to Class IIa according to the MDD 93/42/EWG regulation for use on human patients.

The Voluson® 730Expert scanner system has been designed for utmost safety for patient and user. Read the following chapters thoroughly before you start working with the machine. The manufacturer guarantees safety and reliability of the system only when all the following cautions and warnings are observed.

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