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Product Overview

The DXA 120V Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is used to restore power, it regulates the power supply for X-ray devices. The DXA 120V UPS is a type of lead-acid maintenance free sealed battery with suspended electrolyte with leakage proofing. The characteristic of lead-acid batteries is a high discharge rate, deep discharge recovery and long service life . The overload LED indicates when the connected equipment exceeds the UPS maximum load, the LED illuminates and alarm remains on until the overload is removed. If an overload occurs while the UPS is on battery, the UPS will turn off its outputs. When the battery fails, the UPS has an audible alarm and its main function is to prevent an unintended shut down. Utilizing a battery backup, the UPS provides AC power during a power outage or very low voltage. In X ray devices, the main power requires continued operation without power interruption, when the UPS regulates the power. These UPS are used in UL Vivid E9, XR (BMD) Prodigy and XR (BMD) IDXA.

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