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Precision Pulley
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GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The precision pulley is a component in the prodigy bone densitometer, which is a device used to measure the bone density of a patient. Radiation with a lead in front of the radiation source brings high level X‐ray energy and low‐level X‐ray energy into the human body through the tube window, and a radiation detector that is in line with the source of radiation, detects electrical signals. A precision pulley is provided as a part of the densitometer to drive the cables with bore for #10-32 mounting screw and to transmit power.

It is made of low carbon steel which offers excellent toughness and ductility. The surface is hardened at outer and inner races and is plated with zinc. This makes the pulley corrosion resistant and induces a barrier to moisture. The lubricant Castorine Tena Film is used to lubricate the pulley which is a thermally stable oil, which includes an ash-less additive system. This induces anti-wear property to the pulley and allows the pulley to be effective in various environmental conditions.

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