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Kit Caster Brake DIA125 M12 with Wrench
M1165888 M1186243-S
Anesthesia Delivery
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Product Overview

The Kit Caster Brake with Wrench is used in anesthesia machines. It is used to handle the load with manual movements. This kit consists of a caster wheel with brake and an adapter wrench. The wrench is used to install and torque the caster. The caster material is a high capacity material compared to rubber. The wheel assembly will not damage the floor. The tread material is polyurethane that yields a high quality product with a predictable lead time. The bearing is most effective when bearing medium to heavy duty loads. It absorbs the excessive side thrust and is recommended to be used for high speed operations. To ensure the proper adjustment, periodic inspection is recommended. Total lock brakes, lock both wheel and swivel simultaneously. It can be easily operated with foot actions. The stem provides a spring grip at the top to the hold caster securely in the tubing.

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