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PWA Task Light Upper with Dimming Control
Anesthesia Delivery
GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The PWA Task Light is an assembly that is a custom designed part for use in anesthesia machines. It is a low-voltage lighting product intended to illuminate the anesthesia machine work surface and user controls. The assembly consists of two light sources. The upper assembly is mounted under the front of the top shelf bezel to illuminate the user controls such as the vaporizer control knobs and the entire work surface from the front of the vaporizers to the front of the anesthesia machine. The lower assembly is mounted at the front edge of the underside of the shroud to illuminate the dashboard and the back of the work surface. The design includes a custom translucent plastic cover over the lower lighting assembly. The assembly is widely used in machines such as Voluson P8, CARESCAPE™ Monitor B650, Avance CS2, Aisys, Airway Gas Module, Avance CS2, and many others. Before dispatching the product, testing has to be done to ensure that it has smooth finishing without any burrs, sharp edges, surface blemishes, sink marks and flash marks. It is then wrapped and labeled with required details.

Compatible Products

Avance CS2

Avance CS2

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