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Flexible Extension Hose 1195K38
Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Flexible Extension Hose is used in the molecular imaging and nuclear medicine machines and other medical diagnostic equipment. It is one of the spare parts, which comes in the lubrication assembly of the medical equipment. It is used as an extension part for the existing hose or pipe. It is a flexible hose extend and bend to get at hard-to-reach fittings. It has two types, one is with the coupler and the other is without couplers and this product is with coupler. It is made of high quality thermoplastic material, which is crystalline in nature and possesses very good mechanical, chemical, thermal and electrical properties. It softens below 160° C, does not melt, and anneals at 100° C. The extension hose is free from burrs, sharp edges, surface blemishes, sink marks and flash marks. They come neatly packed with a label containing the information about the product and the label with the shipment details. This product is widely being used in machines like Millennium Myosight EDI, Millennium MPS EDI, MPR System, Millennium MG EDI and many other similar machines.

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