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FlashPad Grid Assembly 8 to 1
GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare

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Product Overview

  • Radiography Systems are used for imaging method diagnosis using X-Rays. The systems work on the principle where high velocity electrons, when interacted with the patient’s body, get their kinetic energy converted into Electromagnetic Radiation. An X-ray tube produces the X-Rays. It contains an anode and a cathode. The FlashPad detector is a device used to measure the parameters of X-Rays in digital radiography. It converts X-Rays into light, thus forming images with details. A grid assembly is provided to protect the FlashPad. The assembly consists of a grid, grid holder, disc magnet and non-corrosive RTV sealants. It is provided as a part of various X-ray Imaging Systems like XR Definium 6000, XR Discovery XR656, XR Optima, XR220 AMX and Optima XR646.

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  • Flashpad Grid Holder Assembly - 8:1 Ratio
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