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Respiratory Care
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Product Overview

The Tee Nebulizer Pediatric Aeroneb Solo Quantity 10 is used with Silicone Plug designed for Aerogen® Solo which comes under the category of respiratory care. The Aeroneb® Solo System, which consists of the Aeroneb® Solo nebulizer and the Aeroneb® Pro-x controller, is a nebulizer system designed for use with mechanically ventilated patients to aerosolize physician-prescribed medications for inhalation which are approved for use with a general-purpose nebulizer. The Aeroneb® Solo nebulizer is for single patient use only and the Aeroneb® Pro-x controller is for re-use. The Aeroneb® Solo System is suitable for use with the neonate, pediatric and adult patients. It is for intermittent and continuous nebulization that incorporates Aerogen’s OnQ™ Aerosol Generator. The Aeroneb® Solo System includes the following components: nebulizer unit (aerosol generator and plug), T-piece (adult), Aeroneb® Pro-x control module, control cable, AC/DC adapter and mounting brackets (Pediatric & neonate adapters and continuous nebulization tube set are sold separately). The T-piece securely connects the nebulizer unit into the breathing circuit. The T-piece connections are standard male and female 22 mm conical ports and connect to standard patient breathing circuits. Aerogen recommends that the Aeroneb® Solo nebulizer be used in conjunction with a relevant disposable T-piece supplied by Aerogen.

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